Turkey Hunting Tips

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Welcome to our Turkey Hunting Tips video series. We receive a lot of questions on turkey hunting, and much of it is easier to address in video rather than writing. With that in mind, here’s a series of videos we hope helps. Keep checking in, as we’ll continually be adding educational turkey hunting video tips throughout the seasons, both spring and fall.

For more educational information on hunting turkeys out West, check out our popular book, Western Turkey Hunting: Strategies For All Levels, click here.

Box calls are easy to use and turkeys love them. Here’s some helpful information on turkey box calls:

Pot calls, or slate calls, come in many options. Here are some basic points to consider when picking out a pot call and various strikers for turkey hunting:

Once you get a slate call, what are the steps to take to get it working for you?

Diaphragm calls come in many designs, and here are some things worth knowing. Costing between $5-$10 per call, diaphragm calls are economical and offer a wide variety of sounds:

Locator calls are great tools when hunting pressured birds and on public ground, and there are many options:

Push-pull, or push button, turkey calls are easy to use and make good sounds:


Here’s a live Facebook segment we shot for the Oregon Department of Fish Wildlife, on introductory turkey hunting:

Here’s a 1 hour seminar I offered at the May 2017 International Hunter Education Association Convention. It’s long, but some good info’ in there! Enjoy 😉

Looking to hunt fall turkeys? Here are some tips on scouting, patterning birds, calling, using decoys and scenarios where utilizing a hunting dog can be very effective!