Puppy Training Tips

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We’ve received a lot of interest in how we’re training our two Pudelpointers. Echo was born in 2014, Kona in 2016. Following is a series of basic video tips that have helped us and hopefully will help you, too. Keep checking back, as we’ll be adding new videos as the pups grow.

You’re pup is 7 weeks old and coming home, so prepare ahead of time:

Introducing your pup to water:

Teaching a pup to sit:

Introducing a pup to water in a heated swimming pool can expedite things. Better yet if you can get in with them, offering physical support and guidance.

Introducing a puppy to running water:

Introducing your pup to water with the aid of an adult dog:

Potty training tips for your gun dog:

Teaching a puppy with hand signals not only prepares them for the hunt, but also instills restraint and trust at an early age:

Teaching a pup to retrieve without force fetching:

Here’s a tip that’s greatly helped us when introducing gun shots to pups:

Introducing bird tracking to your gun dog pup:

Socializing your pup is one of the most important steps you can take, and it should start early:

Cleaning your pup’s ears and plucking it of long hair starts early, which will be a benefit in many ways down the road:

The next step in teaching a puppy hand signals, this time by using food (not treats), and working on maintaining restraint:

Teaching a gun dog pup how to quarter:

A pup’s first retrieve (at 12 weeks of age) and what to do to make the most of the moment:

Bath time with an older dog can help make it fun and productive for your pup:

Crate training a pup’ should start early:

Using an adult dog to help teach a pup to retrieve as well as enter the water, can expedite the learning process:

Gun dogs are bred to be outdoors, often, so start the process early:

The value of getting your hands in your pup’s mouth at an early age will pay off:

Attaching a full bird skin to a bumper is a great way to get your pup accustomed to retrieving life-size birds:

Starlings can be one of the best training tools there is for teaching a gun dog pup to retrieve game birds:

There are a few reasons why dressing up your gun dog pup at an early can be of benefit later on, like this:

Here’s a tip on teaching a gun dog pup restraint when hunting with an older dog:

Teaching a gun dog pup to hold an object without force fetching…Step #1:

Teaching a gun dog pup to hold an object without force fetching…Step #2:

Teaching a gun dog pup to hold an object without force fetching…Step #3:

Teaching a gun dog pup to hold an object without force fetching…Step #4:

With warming temperatures comes a great opportunity to introduce your pup to swimming. Here’s a tip that’s helped us with pups that may be reluctant to dive right in!

Here’s a lengthy session on summer dog training tips; things you can do in the summer to get your dog ready for hunting season. We touch on puppy training, teaching the basic Sit, Stay, Come commands, how to get a dog’s feet and nails in working condition, hygiene and more dog training tips.

With the warm temperatures of summer, it’s a great opportunity to condition your dog in the water and teach it some things along the way.