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The Hunt is one of many shows Scott Haugen has hosted over the past 15 years for America’s biggest outdoor networks. The purpose of The Hunt is to educate and motivate hunters. It’s not your routine hunting show that simply follows hunters afield. It contains educational segments intended to teach fellow hunters, as well as newcomers, something in every episode. From scouting elk at night, to calling coyotes during the toughest time of the year, to how to breakdown a bear in the field and much more, the educational style of The Hunt has a specific purpose. With more than 40 years of big game hunting experience, 12 years of teaching science, several books and thousands of magazine articles to his credit, Scott Haugen is uniquely qualified to present hunting in an educational manner, rather than entertainment.

The Hunt, Seasons I & II, can be watched on Amazon Prime….Season I can be found on NETFLIX! To watch Seasons II & III on NETFLIX, give us a favorable rating and ask them to air Seasons II &III of The Hunt. Not only will this help get The Hunt on, worldwide, but it can help open the door for other hunting shows to come aboard.

THE HUNT TV show can also be watched in over 40 countries around the world on various cable and satellite feeds.

All three seasons are available on DVD. Click HERE to oder!

Season I of The Hunt was filmed in 2012 and aired on the Sportsman Channel. Seasons II & III followed in 2013 & 2014. We are no longer filming The Hunt TV episodes.