The Hunt…our new TV show!

After nearly 10 years in the TV business we’ve decided to take the leap and start our own production company.  Our new TV show is called The Hunt, and we’ve already begun filming for it.
The Hunt is a 13 episode series that will air on the Sportsman Channel, beginning in July, 2012.  The focus of The Hunt will be Western big game, with a small mix of predators and birds.  Elk and deer (blacktail, muleys and whitetails) will be the primary focus, with bears, pronghorn and other prized big game making occasional appearances.
Trijicon, a world leader in scope manufacturing and a company we’ve been working with for years, is the title sponsor of The Hunt.  Were it not for Trijicon, we would not be in this position.  They’re wonderful people who make quality optics and their support has truly blessed our family and others who’ll be affiliated with The Hunt.
While Haugen Enterprises will be the producer of The Hunt, Travis Ralls will be the director.  Scott and Travis have worked together for four years on Trijicon’s Game Chasers, where Travis has been the lead camera man and one of the show’s editors.  Game Chasers will continue airing on the Outdoor Channel through June of 2012.

Our production crew will be rounded-out by skilled videographers and editors from around the West, people who know hunting and who know the value of quality editing.
For the first time in our TV career we’ll now own the footage we gather which means we’ll be able to start creating DVDs specific to hunting the West.  In addition, we’ll also be developing salmon, steelhead and other fishing DVDs as time rolls along.
Why the drop from 26 to 13 TV episodes a year?  Time.  With Braxton and Kazden growing up fast and being involved in sports, school events and more, we want to spend less time on the road, more time at home.  With The Hunt focusing on Western big game, this allows us to spend time in states not far from home.  Producing 13 TV episodes will also allow us more time to focus on developing DVDs.
Stay tuned for updates, and be sure to check out Scott’s website as well as Trijicon’s website, for updates on The Hunt as our July 2012 airing dates approach.
We’re excited about this wonderful opportunity and look forward to bringing more great hunts, and all the helpful information we can pass along, your way.  Thanks for the continued support!

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