Trophy Blacktails – The Science of the Hunt

Trophy Blacktails – The Science of the Hunt


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The ultimate Columbia blacktail deer hunting book is finally here. With over three decades of blacktail hunting experience, and many record-book bucks under his belt, Scott Haugen strives to unlock the mysteries of these cagey deer.

Based on deer behavior, geography, habitat, seasonal shifts and more, this unique book takes a detailed look at the science of hunting trophy black-tailed bucks. A year-round analysis of deer behavior and habits will reveal information never before captured in books on this topic.

No matter what you hunt with – bow, gun or muzzleloader – this book will help you become a more complete trophy blacktail hunter. With emphasis placed on the lifecycle of these deer and the wide-range of environments in which they live, whether you spend time along the coast, in the valleys, or high in the Cascades, in California, Oregon or Washington, this book is for you.

Scott Haugen has been fortunate to hunt around the globe, for some of the world’s most prized big game, and he ranks trophy Columbia blacktails atop the list of the hardest to consistently attain. In this special book, he’ll share all he knows, and continues to learn.

Paperback, 6×9, 206 total pages, 16 page color insert, black and white photos throughout. Wholesale orders contact Scott Haugen for more information.

Foreword by Bob Robb