Life in the Scope

Life in the Scope – The West


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From the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, from Alaska to Mexico, Scott Haugen has been fortunate to experience some of the most exciting hunts the West has to offer. Now, join Scott on 25 of his most memorable big game rifle hunts in recent years.

While many of these hunts culminated with record-class animals, the stories brought to life in these pages reveal much more. Learn how Scott got his start in hunting, and why his passion runs so deep. Feel what it’s like to endure the pain, heartache and jubilation of Western big game hunting. Learn what drives this avid hunter and what it’s like to catch the action on film for award-winning television.

This book is more than the retelling of hunting stories. It’s about a way of life. It’s about one man’s cultural ties to the wild and how blessed he is to be making a living at doing what he loves.

•Paperback, 6×9 inches, 180 pages, color photos throughout

Foreword by Jim Zumbo


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