Bank Fishing for Steelhead and Salmon

Bank Fishing for Steelhead and Salmon


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Each year the sport of salmon and steelhead fishing experiences considerable growth in angler participation. Nearly all new anglers begin by bank fishing, just as the author did more than 40 years ago.

Scott Haugen has been in pursuit of salmon and steelhead since boyhood, and in this book he’ll educate readers on what they need to know to become proficient bank anglers. Geared toward the budding and devoted bank angler, this book also looks at techniques and approaches that will benefit veterans of the sport.

From reading water to selecting and rigging the proper gear, to maximizing fishing time and learning what decisions to make based on the conditions being faced, this book will cover it all. A close look at specific bank fishing techniques as well as gear and gadgets, will round-out the information that will help increase catch rates.

Testimonies by Buzz Ramsey and Nick Amato.

•6×9″, full color throughout, 95 pages.

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