About Scott Haugen

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Prior to entering into the outdoor industry full-time in 2001, Scott Haugen taught science for 12 years. With a Masters Degree in education, a bachelors in science/biology, and over 40 years of hunting, fishing and trapping experience, Haugen is uniquely qualified to share what he knows and continues to learn. Since hanging up his teacher’s hat, he’s appeared on more than 450 television shows, penned over 2,500 magazine articles and written more than 15 books.

Haugen conducts over 60 seminars a year at sportshows, club events, retail stores, men’s groups and more. He also makes numerous guest appearances on radio and podcasts.

Scott’s show, The Hunt, which he hosted and produced, is the widest-reaching TV show in network television history. The Hunt originally aired on the Sportsman Channel from 2013-2015, and is now airing on cable networks in over 45 countries, as well as world-wide on Netflix, where it’s received high accolades.

Scott also runs a small booking service, catering only to places he’s personally hunted and fished around the world. From Africa to Alaska, New Zealand to Australia, and more, Scott can help you arrange a personalized trip for big game, birds and fish.

Having grown up in western Oregon, lived a semi-subsistence lifestyle in Alaska’s Arctic, and traveled to over 40 countries, today Scott spends more than 200 days a year in the field, hunting, fishing, scouting, working with his dogs, and photographing wildlife. Scott’s wife, Tiffany Haugen, is a nationally known wild game and fish cookbook author…together, they make a very unique team!