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The Story Behind The Buck!

Thanks all you blacktail fanatics, for the kind words and support on the buck I took on Thanksgiving. Here are some details. -I first caught the buck on trail camera 3 years ago. -Got over 1,500 trail camera shots of him over 3 years. -He was a 3 pt. every year … [Read More...]

It’s Blacktail Go Time!

Yesterday, right before dark, I saw one of the nice bucks I’ve been chasing for three years. He wasn’t the big one in the area, but he’s a dandy, 4 1/2 year old buck. I let him walk. Over the past few evenings I’ve seen a few bucks chasing does, just not the big … [Read More...]

DeerNow 10 Day Report

Ten days have passed since we introduced DeerNow, our specialized blacktail attractant, and we’re starting to get reports from the field. Three people in the Willamette Valley, between Albany and Crow, reported DeerNow getting hit by mature bucks on the first … [Read More...]