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Kazden’s First Bear

Over the years, Kazden has been on several bear hunts with the family. He’s even held his own tags, but he’s never taken a bear, until now. I wanted Kazden to experience success, and knowing his love of dogs, thought a hound hunt would be the most enjoyable. The … [Read More...]

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Columbia Blacktails: The Learning Never Stops

I’m often asked what the hardest animal is I’ve ever hunted for. Mountain goat and Himalayan tahr are the toughest hunts I’ve been on, physically speaking. Mentally, the toughest hunts have been the man-eaters I’ve chased in different parts of the world, namely big … [Read More...]

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Egg Handling To Optimize Your Cures

Fall is the time to catch lots of great eating salmon...and accumulate large amounts of eggs. Regardless of the egg curing recipes you like to use, it’s crucial to start with the best, cleanest eggs possible in order to realize the full potential of your … [Read More...]