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Egg Handling To Optimize Your Cures

Fall is the time to catch lots of great eating salmon...and accumulate large amounts of eggs. Regardless of the egg curing recipes you like to use, it’s crucial to start with the best, cleanest eggs possible in order to realize the full potential of your … [Read More...]


Clam Digging Fun!

This summer has offered some of the best clamming in recent years along the Pacific Coast; except for razor clams. Due to the open-ocean habitat razor clams thrive in, red tide levels have been high, forcing extended closures. But bay clamming has been red-hot. … [Read More...]

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Spring & Summer Fishing Adventures

“Dad, how long’s it been since you’ve made a blog post?” quizzed my oldest son. “, a long time,” I hesitated. “Yeah, 9 months,” he reminded me. While I love my job of hunting and fishing, finding time to share the adventures in every medium available … [Read More...]