Flyfisher’s Guide to Alaska

Flyfisher’s Guide to Alaska


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Having lived several years in Alaska, Scott Haugen has been fortunate to pursue fish in many unique waters of The Last Frontier. From the Arctic to the southern borders of the state, Haugen can never get enough when it comes to fishing Alaska.

A Flyfisher’s Guide To Alaska will be the most comprehensive work of its kind. While other books focus on specific regions of the state, this one covers most of the state’s 570, 374 square miles. Because of the uniqueness of fishing in the Land of the Midnight Sun, mention of drift fishing techniques will also be made.

If you’ve always dreamed of heading to Alaskan, renting a vehicle and driving around the state fishing on your own timeline, this book will set you one your way, and bring you back home. If it’s fly-out fishing you desire, you will learn what options await you. Perhaps renting a canoe and traveling the world famous Kenai Canoe Trails has always been a dream; this book will tell you how to do it and where to go.

Published by Wilderness Adventures Press, the outline of this book mirrors that which have made all their other travel-fishing guides among the most popular in the country. From hub city restaurants, hotels, RV hookups and campgrounds, the Flyfisher’s Guide to Alaska will provide all the information you need to make your trip a safe and enjoyable success.

•8 1/2 x 11″, 455 pages, more than 100 maps and hundreds of black and white photos.

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