Cooking Salmon and Steelhead

Cooking Salmon and Steelhead


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Salmon & Steelhead: From The Water to The Platter: No longer do you have to invest in spendy dinners to taste the fish you love. Now, you can cook your catch the way you’ve always dreamed, right in your home.

Scott and Tiffany Haugen have spent a lifetime living off wild game, of which salmon and steelhead play a large part. Tiffany’s award winning cooking talents are brought to life in these pages as the Haugens share not only their most coveted cooking recipes, but draw upon a wealth of other proven resources as well. Guides and avid anglers who continually dine on their catch will also share their favorite recipes.

This cookbook is unique in that it references common and cost effective ingredients, not the lavish, hard to locate, spendy varieties. A look will be taken at the food values of salmon and steelhead, expanding on their nutritional significance and how to best maximize them in your diet.

This book is broken into specific chapters, with several recipes existing within each. Some of the topics include appetizers, salads, entrees, casseroles, exotic tastes, outdoor cooking, cleaning and preparation, filleting, preserving (canning & freezing) and even wine selections.

•6 x9 inches, 184 pages, full color, 130+ recipes, published by Frank Amato Publications

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