Blacktail Buck Urine

Blacktail Buck Urine


Waterproof urine for attracting Columbia blacktail deer. The stabilizers used in this unique blend keep the urine fresh, and lasting for years!



In an effort to create an ideal urine for targeting blacktail deer, we’ve come up with Scott Haugen’s Blacktail Ruttin’ Buck Urine and Scott Haugen’s Blacktail Estrus Doe Urine. These urines are locked in a gel that is specifically created to increase scent retention.

The stabilizers used in the gel keep it from spoiling, molding and going rancid. The chemical compounds make the product more like a glue-base than a gel, meaning it will withstand a wide range of conditions and stick to virtually anything. Apply it to trees, rocks, leaves, fir needles, pine cones, fence posts, barbed wire, sticks, ferns, moss, lichens, a drag line, decoys and more, and it’ll be there for days.

We’ve tested this product for 2 years before bringing it to the market. During this time we have found it to still contain a fresh urine smell after 4 days in a driving rain. In high winds of 20 mph or more, it lasts about 1 1/2 days, and in hot, early season temperatures, it should last up to two days or more.

Products kept in refrigeration for two years have pH tested as fresh as the day they were bottled! We’ve kept the bottles of urine on dry shelves for over a year, with the same results.

Available in a 2.5 oz. squeeze bottle for $12.00 (includes S&H), you can get the Blacktail Buck Urine, here!