Southwest Fly-Outs

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Location: Southwest Alaskasouthwestflyouts009

Mid-June to mid-August

Sheefish, Arctic Char, Pike, King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Red Salmon, Chum Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling

All costs include roundtrip airfare from Anchorage to the lodge.
Costs are based on flying days, not fish species.

  • Platinum Package: 6 days/7 nights, $6,500
  • Gold Package: 5 days/6 nights, $6,000
  • Silver Package: 4 days/5 nights, $5,500
  • Bronze Package: 3 days/6 nights, $4,500

Nothing puts you in touch with the real Alaska like a bush plane. This remote lodge offers 100% bush plane access to isolated fishing destinations throughout southwestern Alaska, allowing you the opportunity to fish waters rarely seen by others. Here, you can be flown to a different river each day, and catch some of Alaska’s most prized fish.

Bush Plane Fishing Southwest Alaska Rivers

Over a dozen exclusive fly-out trips can be tailored to your liking, with multiple fish species being targeted. Party sizes from one to six people allow for a tranquil, personalized experience that makes fishing remote Alaska so very special.

You’ll get to Anchorage, on your own. On the day prior to the start of your fishing adventure, you’ll be met by a personal lodge pilot/guide. He will take you to the floatplane for a breathtaking, two hour flight through the majestic Alaska Range. If you’re lucky, you might get to fly over an active volcano! The cost of the roundtrip floatplane flight to and from Anchorage is included in your overall cost.You will return to Anchorage the day after you’re done fishing.

The owners reside at the lodge, year round, and know the region extremely well. No matter what the fish species (listed above) you want to pursue, it’s just a matter of timing. Generally, the best time for sheefish and pike is the last two weeks of June, but they can be caught through all of July and into August.

July is the prime month to fish this wonderful place, as that’s the best time to catch multiple species. The lodge starts their fly-out fishing the second week of June, wrapping up the season in mid-August. For those wanting brilliantly colored Arctic char, the last three weeks of July are best. Once the outfitter knows what fish you want to catch, a trip can be personally tailored for you.

We’ve been to this lodge and fished many rivers and streams. What we really like is each day can be planned to your liking. One day we caught loads of sheefish. The next, over 50 coho. The following day was spent catching big pike, followed by another day of flyfishing for coho in a crystal clear, nameless little stream. Of all the places we’ve fished in Alaska over the last quarter-century, this one offers what could be the most isolated, exciting fishing adventures we’ve experienced. Brown bear viewing can also be arranged.

Each day you and a guide will hop into a bush plane at the lodge and fly to a remote river. You’ll land on a gravel bar or river, where a boat will be ready to go. Simply transport your gear from the plane to your boat, then go fishing. If the plane doesn’t wait for you, it will return to pick you up at the end of the day.

Traveling by bush plane is very costly, but is the only way to reach many of Alaska’s most breathtaking, remote fishing destinations. Should you wish to hang back at the lodge for a day or two, enjoying the stunning scenery, sauna and comfortable lodge, this will reduce the cost of the total trip. This outfitter is very flexible and easy to work with.

Due to the high overhead of maintaining and flying bush planes, hiring the best pilots and seasoned guides, gratuities typically range between 10-15%, but are optional.

License & Stamp Costs

  • Nonresident 3 day sport fishing license, $45.00
  • Nonresident 7 day sport fishing license, $70.00
  • Nonresident 1 day king stamp, $10.00
  • Nonresident 3 day king stamp, $20.00

Travel Planning

Anglers fly into Anchorage where you’ll be met my a lodge pilot who will fly you and other party members directly to this remote lodge via floatplane. From there, the lodge’s private bush planes will take you fishing each day.

The outfitter suggests anglers arrive in Anchorage two days prior to the start of the actual fishing day, overnighting one night in Anchorage. Then you’ll be met the following morning for a flight to the lodge, where you’ll spend a relaxing time in this stunning setting, getting ready for the adventures ahead. There are several hotels near the Anchorage airport.


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