Naknek River Cabins

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naknekrivercabins011Location: Naknek River, Alaska

(plus, fly-out trips to remote destinations)

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King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Chum Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Pink Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden.

Cost: See Below for Dates & Rates

The Naknek River is ranked atop the best trophy rainbow trout streams in the world, and with all five salmon species making their way into this beautiful river, and bushplane fly-outs tailored to your interest, this fishing journey has much variety to offer.

Fishing On Alaska’s Nushagak River

We’ve been to this destination on the Naknek River multiple times over the past decade. We’ve caught world-class rainbow trout over 30” on the fly, king salmon pushing 30 pounds on spinners, and the biggest and hardest fighting sockeyes we’ve battled anywhere in Alaska. We’ve also caught numerous coho on bushplane fly-outs to multiple destinations, released beautiful Arctic grayling and ravenous Dolly Varden. We’ve also fished amongst brown bears.

There are many options for anglers in this camp. One attractive feature is that a lot of money can be saved here, as you bring your own food and do your own cooking in a private cabin. Rather than having to pay a chef and staff, you prepare all your meals, which equates to big savings. Simply plan your meals for the week, bring a cooler of food with you and take the same cooler home, loaded with fresh salmon. If you run out of food, shopping can be done in King Salmon. Each cabin has a kitchen, propane grill, cook stove, pots, pans, dishes and utensils. Bed linens and towels are provided.

naknekrivercabins007Three quaint cabins are situated on the river, two of which can accommodate a party of six, the other, three guests. All cabins have private bathrooms, showers and flush toilets. Full-time electricity, Internet and phone services are available.

Anglers have the option of fishing with guides or fishing alone. Boats, motors, fuel, life jackets, a landing net, along with top-quality fishing tackle, including waders, are provided. Additional gear and tackle is affordably priced at the camp’s specialized tackle shop. If looking for a do-it-yourself fishing adventure in Alaska, and have experience running a boat, this is the place. Catch kings, cohos and trophy rainbows in front of the lodge! Travel upstream and downstream and get in to more fish on this beautiful, easy to navigate river.

Many anglers hire a guide for the first portion of the trip, to learn how to run the boat and where the best fishing spots are. The rest of the trip can be spent fishing on your own.

Fly-out trips are among the best we’ve ever experienced in Alaska. Be it fishing amidst big brown bears at the famed Brooks Camp, stripping Wogs across the surface of Ugashik Lake for aggressive coho, or being dropped off at the head of a remote stream and getting picked up at the end of the day, downstream, there’s something for everyone. We’ve been dropped at locations, hiked and fished a couple miles of secluded stream all day, never seeing another angler, and got picked up by floatplane, making for a truly memorable Alaskan fishing experience.

Back at the lodge, a cleaning table is in place for you to fillet your salmon, then vacuum seal and freeze. Doing this, yourself, helps save costs, and you’re assured of the meat being cut to your liking.

Bring a couple pairs of polarized sunglasses, each with different colored lenses, as many streams offer sight fishing opportunities. Upon making reservations, a complete list of gear and tackle can be sent to you.

Whether you’re a flyfishing aficionado or a gear guru, opportunities abound at this affordable, unique camp. After all, there aren’t many places in remote Alaska where you have the opportunity to fish, on your own.



This package includes a one day guided fishing itinerary with your remaining days to experience on your own.

  • 2 DAYS / 2 NIGHTS = $ 1000 / PERSON
  • 3 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS = $ 1450 / PERSON
  • 4 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS = $ 1800 / PERSON
  • 5 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS = $ 2100 / PERSON
  • 6 DAYS / 6 NIGHTS = $ 2400 / PERSON
  • 7 DAYS / 7 NIGHTS = $ 2550 / PERSON


This package includes a three days guided fishing itinerary with your remaining days to experience on your own.

  • 2 DAYS / 2 NIGHTS = $ 1790 / PERSON
  • 3 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS = $ 2400 / PERSON
  • 4 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS = $ 2850 / PERSON
  • 5 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS = $ 3300 / PERSON
  • 6 DAYS / 6 NIGHTS = $ 3575 / PERSON
  • 7 DAYS / 7 NIGHTS = $ 3900 / PERSON

Additional guided fishing trips offered at $250 / person.

Although available for your use, we recommend you bring your own waders and fly rods if you own them, due to size restrictions and personal preference.

Spectacular fly-out to the Brooks River in Katmai National Park offered at $300/ person. Add a scenic fly out for more fantastic fishing. Accommodations for groups up to 15 people available. Groups of 4 receive 2 boats, groups of 6 receive 3 boats.


This package includes the “All fishing is fully guided” experience. All packages include ONE REMOTE fly out, vacuum sealing, additional fly outs can be added.

  • 2 DAYS / 2 NIGHTS = $ 1700 / PERSON
  • 3 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS = $ 2200 / PERSON
  • 4 DAYS / 4 NIGHTS = $ 2700 / PERSON
  • naknekrivercabins0035 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS = $ 3250 / PERSON
  • 6 DAYS / 6 NIGHTS = $ 3500 / PERSON
  • 7 DAYS / 7 NIGHTS = $ 3900 / PERSON

License & Stamp Costs

  • Nonresident 3 day sport fishing license, $45.00
  • Nonresident 7 day sport fishing license, $70.00
  • Nonresident 1 day king stamp, $10.00
  • Nonresident 3 day king stamp, $20.00
  • Nonresident 7 day king stamp, $30.00

Travel Planning

Fly on commercial jet directly to King Salmon, Alaska. This is another reason costs are affordable at this camp, because it’s located minutes from the airport. Your host will greet you, drive you to the main camp, and from there your fishing adventure begins. Bushplane fly-outs are affordably priced, due to the convenient location.


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