Alaska’s Inside Passage

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sitkasinsidepassage006Location: Sitka, Alaska

Stay tuned for 2018 dates:
•… May (excellent steelhead, average king salmon & bottom fish).
•…First of June (good king salmon & bottom fish, average steelhead).
•…Last 3 weeks of June (excellent king salmon & bottom fish, trout & sockeye in streams)

All five salmon species, Rainbow Trout, Steelhead, Halibut, Lingcod, multiple bottom fish species.

Day Boat Rates (based out of Sitka)

3 days/4 nights, with July and August openings.

  • 1-5 people on the boat, $2,395.00 per person.
  • 6 people on the boat, $2,295.00 per person.

4 days/5 nights

  • 1-5 people on the boat, $2,995.00 per person.
  • 6 people on the boat, $2,895.00 per person.

Huntress Rates (charter boat, following fish through Inside Passage)

5 days/6 nights in June, July & August…6 days/6 nights in May & September

  • Group of 3, $5,550 per person.
  • Group of 4, $4,550 per person.
  • Group of 5, $4,350 per person.
  • Group of 6, $4,050 per person.

By traveling the Inside Passage on a luxury, 60-foot charter boat, you’ll be able to go where the fish are. Spending the night in seclude bays, free of internet and phone hassles, this is one of the most relaxing fishing getaways you could ask for. You can also stay at the lodge on the outskirts of Sitka and fish from day boats for all species in the region.

Fishing Sitka’s Inside Passage

The options are many with this outfitter of nearly 30 years. If wanting to stay in town and fish each day, a crew of highly experienced captains and top-of-the-line boats will run you to where the fish are, be it salmon or bottom fish.

If wanting to experience this part of Alaska in seclusion, hop on the 60-foot charter boat and get ready to be taken into some of the most beautiful parts of Southeast Alaska. Here, you’ll travel to find fish, spending time fishing bays, passage ways, the open ocean and hiking through secluded streams.

Trolling for salmon is the norm, though mooching might also be done. Either anchor over prime bottom fishing grounds or drift and jig. No matter how you do it, you will catch fish.

A favorite of many anglers is parking the big boat, offloading the skiff and heading inland to fish secluded rivers and streams packed with various species of salmon, steelhead and trout. Fish these waters with flies or traditional gear, and hang on. Sometimes there are so many fish packed in these streams, you can’t see the river bottom.


Along the way you’ll likely see whales, brown bears and plenty of bald eagles. Dolphins sometimes swim along the boat, performing arial acrobatics you’ll forever remember.

Another highlight is dropping the shrimp pots and getting loads of some of the best eating seafood out there. When overnighting in secluded bays, crab pots can also be left to soak overnight.

Enjoying meals cooked on board consisting of shrimp, crab, bottom fish and salmon, simply doesn’t get any better.

The Huntress offers rooms with bunk beds, and there’s a hot shower and flush toilet. The captain (owner of the whole operation) is as good as they come, in terms of his hospitality, navigation skills and fishing knowledge, and with nearly 40 years of experience, you’re in safe hands. The crew is top-notch, young, positive, hard-working and they go out of their way to make sure your every need is met.

At the end of the day the crew will fillet and vacuum seal your catch then place it on ice; the Huntress even has a freezer and vacuum sealer. Once back at the dock they’ll place it in the walk-in freezer, where it’s boxed for the journey home on commercial airlines.

On the last trip my wife and I took here, we came home with 250 pounds of fish. At the market rate, we figured it was just shy of $3,000 worth of fish, making the cost of this exciting adventure, well worth it.

License & Stamp Costs

Included in package

Travel Planning

Anglers fly directly into Sitka, Alaska. Met by your hosts, they’ll take you to the lodge if fishing from the day boats, or to the big boat if fishing the Inside Passage for the week. You’ll be given a vehicle to explore the area on your own, both before and after your fishing adventure.